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Hi. I'm Shona. /ˈʃoʊnə/ 

Sensitive, self conscious, sarcastic, and I swear a lot, but I don't mean to be rude.

Life overwhelms me often, feeling kinda like a bad fairground ride that I'd rather get off, because the lights, sounds and other people on it, confuse and bewilder me. But some fairground rides are pretty and brilliant, and I ride the heck out of that carousel horse with childish abandon and glee. I swing, from introvert, to giddy extrovert, when I'm with the people I love. I always thought my middle name was Darling, because my Mum used to say "Shona Darling". I was a bit upset when I discovered it wasn't my actual middle name, but my parents still call me it anyway.

I've been self employed since forever, it's the only way of working which makes sense to me. My main business for lots of years has been my own vintage fashion store, and writing a fashion blog. I now also work with animals doing dog walking and keeping cats company. All that may imply that I'm a go-gettin gal, but I really just try and do stuff which I love, for work, so life can be a little nicer. Depression and anxiety makes it all a bit of an effort, so I need regular bouts of hiding at home with my cats, taking naps. I'm a girl of contrasts, loving the hidden retreat of my nest, as much as flying away to satisfy my never-ending wanderlust. My dream life would be living between a New York City loft apartment, and a cabin in the Swiss mountains. Always having furry animals within touching distance.

I currently live alone (bliss) in Norfolk with my two cats, who I am totally loopy in love with.

Below are my branded businesses.

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